Kajeet Cell Phones For Kids

One of the leaders in kids cell phones is Kajeet. It doesn't matter whether your child is 6 or 16, they have a phone that your child will love and you will too because of all the parental controls.

Kajeet phones come with NO contracts, NO activation fees, and NO termination fees. You pick a plan (from $4.99 and up) and your child can't spend more than that each month.

There are parental controls that can be accessed and monitored online to control things such as what numbers are called, what numbers can call in, what times the phone can be used, as well as many other options.

Kajeet phones also come with an optional GPS feature that you can choose to keep track of where your child is. This is the one cell phone company that aims to make both the kids and parents happy.


One reason why many parents are very leery about getting their kids a cell phone at an early age is that they don't want to start opening doors that might lead to trouble. New technologies are being introduced every day and it is hard for parents to keep ahead of things and make sure their children are not at risk.

It is now common for cell phones to allow access to the Internet and more and more kids are getting this kind of phone. Additionally, kids and teenagers are the ones that are driving the "texting" revolution and bad things can come of that too. Things have come a long way since the days when I was in school and hid a small transistor radio in my pocket so I could listen to the ball game!

Much has been in the news lately about kids bullying each other and that includes girls as well as boys. Facebook, MySpace, and other social sites are where something new called cyber-bullying has been taking place and cell phones with cameras and Internet access only make things worse. These kids can take embarrassing pictures of others and have them posted on the Internet in minutes. It is truly a confusing time for any parent who wants to keep their child safe and innocent.

At the same time, it seems an increasing number of parents are giving up control and just adding their children to their family phone plan. The national carriers have made this economical and easy to do. Rather than buy a phone meant just for kids (Kajeet has this kind of phone) that comes with extensive parental controls, parents are opting to give their kids their old unused phones whenever they upgrade. For teenagers this might be a good option but for kids under 9 or 10 it seems more suspect.

As parents become used to using new technologies they become less scared of it. Cell phones have gone from something few people had in the beginning to something almost everyone has today. But the question should always be asked: just because cell phones are right for adults does it mean they are right for your young child?