Kajeet Cell Phones For Kids

One of the leaders in kids cell phones is Kajeet. It doesn't matter whether your child is 6 or 16, they have a phone that your child will love and you will too because of all the parental controls.

Kajeet phones come with NO contracts, NO activation fees, and NO termination fees. You pick a plan (from $4.99 and up) and your child can't spend more than that each month.

There are parental controls that can be accessed and monitored online to control things such as what numbers are called, what numbers can call in, what times the phone can be used, as well as many other options.

Kajeet phones also come with an optional GPS feature that you can choose to keep track of where your child is. This is the one cell phone company that aims to make both the kids and parents happy.


Unfortunately, this phone is no longer made. There is no Disney cell phone for kids on the market today. Although that is disappointing news, you might want to try Kajeet which is a cell phone company that makes phones just for kids and they all come with the parental controls that most Moms and Dads want. There are NO contracts, NO activation fees, and NO fees when you quit. Kajeet is the premier cell phone company for kids today.

If you are looking for cell phones for kids that are a bit older, you might try the Disney Mobile from LG. This is a real flop phone from LG that targets older teens and it comes with all sorts of features.

It has a camera, color screen, caller id, voice dialing, different ring tones, video recording, blue tooth capabilities, text messaging, GPS and more. It has a Family Monitor feature which lets parents limit the minutes and text messages. When the limit is reached, an alert is sent out to both the parent and kid.


Mercedes said...

if you're looking for a great value try the TrakFone, prices start around $10 and service averages less than $7 a month. This is a fantastic deal to keep in touch w/ kids who are not yet into the mega texting.

Megan said...

I second that. Just bought a TracFone for my 10 yr. old and he loves it.(Motorola W376 - has a camera, great battery life, great clarity and unlimited double minutes for only $29.99!!!) Great deal/way to keep in touch with your kids.